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About Us

Our company has began commercial life with trading paper products in 1994. Company has decided to start production in 2004 and set up manufacturing narrow woven products line in December 2005. 4 years later also add ribbon printing and paper folding section to the production line.

Now KN DAR DOKUMA is located 4.000 sqm closing are in Güngören/İstanbul and also some additional places different part of İstanbul.

Our company is mainly targeting the retail packaging, textile, fairs and related industries via products such as ribbons(printed/non printed),paper bags and lanyards. In this past years our fırm has been preferred suppliers by the companies.

Our main startegies and advantages are solution-oriented approach , quick service, reasonable and competitive prices.

With this experiences and qualifications we will be pleased that to be a solution partner of your company.

Quality is not a coincidence is the result of experience...